The Ember Times - Issue No. 98

Goeie dag Emberistas! 🐹

This week: model hook illuminated in Ember.js Guides 💡, EmberCamp CFP open 🏕, Ember podcasts to keep us happy 📻🍩🎧, a proposal to use Empress to render the Ember RFCs 📃, a new release of the ember-shepherd addon 🚢, the new ✌️, FAQs about Ember.js in 2019 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️, and last, but not least, trapping focus 💥 for better a11y in your Ember apps!

model Hook, Illuminated in Ember.js Guides 💡

If you haven't yet, please revisit and share the latest Ember.js Guides on Specifying a Route's Model! You will find beginner-friendly, comprehensive explanation of what you can do in a route's model hook. 💖

In particular, our guide now shows:

  • Why we want to use the model hook
  • How to use model, depending on your use case and knowledge of Ember
  • How to use dynamic segments in model
  • How to debug model

These updates are stepping stones to @jenweber's major initiative to help developers learn Ember Data. Please thank Jen for her positive work, as well as @acorncom, @lisaychuang, @mike-north, and @zachgarwood for their help with reviews!

EmberCamp CFP Open 🏕

Join us on September 16th for the second annual EmberCamp Chicago! We’ll be hosting 150+ of the world’s top Ember developers for a full day of Ember talks. Have a talk idea? The EmberCamp Call For Proposals (CFP) is open now through June 15th. If you submit early, you'll be able to receive feedback before the CFP closes!

Proposal types:

  • 30 minute talks
  • 10 minute talks
  • 30-90 minute workshops
  • 30-90 minute activities (new this year!)

Whether you want to come enjoy the breathtaking views, make new Ember friends, or get the scoop on what's coming next—EmberCamp Chicago is the place to be!

Jabber Away about Javascript 📻

A new podcast episode of Javascript Jabber has been released in which Sam Selikoff is interviewed by AJ ONeal about Ember. 🐹 They go into detail regarding how Sam got started working with Ember and they also talked a little bit about the history of the Ember framework.

From the shownotes:

Sam mentions some of the biggest advantages in using Ember, and what it should and should not be used for. He explains the architecture of Ember apps, addresses some of the performance concerns and then goes into Octane in detail.

So make sure to give it a listen! 🎧 You can tell us, and Sam, what you thought on the #media channel on Discord.

Do or Donut, There is No Sizzlepie 🍩

The Ember Weekend Podcast released an episode last month in which Chase, Robert, and Jonathan chat about various topics such as: an EmberConf recap (including secret donut info and Sizzlepies! 🥧), the Octane preview (including a video by @gavinjoyce), Embroider, as well as an EmberMap video "An Intro to Broccoli.js".

Check it out here! 🎙 And pop into #media to share your thoughts with the community and the hosts!

Use Empress to Render the Ember RFCs 📃

@mansona proposed an implementation change to how we currently "render" our RFCs in the website. The proposed change is to move from using mdbook, which provides better formatting for markdown files, to employing Empress techniques to render the RFC pages.

In the same proposal, the official URL of an RFC was proposed to move from to This would then be considered a stable URL and will require us to maintain redirects if we ever change them.

Read and comment more on GitHub about the proposed change!

A New Version of the ember-shepherd Addon 🚀

@rwwagner90, @st-h, and the crew at Ship Shape have released 🚢 version 5.0.0 of the ember-shepherd addon, an awesome site tour library. The updated version includes improved loading speeds⚡️ due to lazy loading with ember-auto-import.

In related news, Shepherd, the JavaScript library that underlies the ember addon that Ship Shape also maintains, has been trending 📈 on Github!

Check out the new release of ember-shepherd here. ✌️

We often hear folks say they want to work in Ember, but they can't find an Ember role! There's a new community resource for that—Ember Work. Ember Work was built to make things a little easier on you. No more scouring LinkedIn or other sources. And no more jobs that are not quite Ember.

Have an open role on your team? Share it on Ember Work for free. (While you're at it, post it on #ember-jobs on Discord too!) Thanks @herzzanu and @Exelord for building this resource for the community. 💼

FAQs about Ember.js in 2019 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

As developers who have worked with Ember for years, we can sometimes forget that we had once approached Ember with a bit of curiosity 😋, a bit of caution 😧, and a bit of confusion 🤕. As Ember approaches its 8th birthday, we want to continue to reach out to the wider JavaScript community, welcome new developers, and help out with their questions.

This week, @jenweber took her time to engage a wide audience on Medium and answer commonly asked questions about Ember. What companies use Ember? What is Octane? How can I get started with learning Ember?

We encourage you to read and share the blog post! If you have time, we encourage you to pen and share your Ember article as well. 🙏

Intentional Element Focus with Ember Focus Trap 💥

On May 16th, Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) inspired developers all around the world to reflect on the way they use and build applications for the web. In her recent call-to-action for GAAD 📣, @MelSumner encouraged the Ember community to take the time to browse the web using keyboard or an assistive technology, and to spend time to improve accessibility in their own projects.

Addon author @josemarluedke followed this call-to-action and published Ember Focus Trap! It's based on the JavaScript library Focus Trap that helps you to intentionally trap focus in certain DOM nodes. This helps you improve the keyboard accessibility of otherwise inaccessible elements such as modal dialogs.

With Ember Focus Trap, adding focus to interactive elements in your Ember app is only an ember install away. Check it out today!

Contributors' Corner 👏

This week we'd like to thank @jenweber, @sivakumar-kailasam, @tendermario, @vasind, @locks, @maurodibert, @2hu12, @Turbo87, @rwjblue, @NullVoxPopuli, @chiragpat, @pete-the-pete, @runspired, @rwwagner90, @scalvert, @igorT, @maxfierke, @jessica-jordan, @jamescdavis, @kellyselden and @ef4 for their contributions to Ember and related repositories! 💖

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