The Ember Times - Issue No. 136

ഹലോ Emberistas! 🐹

Call for videos for the EmberConf keynote 📢, Ember 3.16 released 🚀, Minesweeper meets Ember Octane 💣, Check out the journey to your first published addon 📅, 2020 Ember Community Survey 📝, and learn how to forward element modifiers in < 10 mins ⏰!

The Ember Times - Issue No. 135

Happy Valentine's Day, Emberistas! 💌

Learn about Native Decorator Support from EmberMap 🐹🗺️, review the RFC for splarguments 💖, autotracking! a blog series on reactivity systems 🤖, JSParty podcast with Jen and Chris 📻, and three reasons to switch to angle bracket syntax in Ember Octane 💡!

The Ember Times - Issue No. 134

👋 Emberistas! 🐹

This week: Polyfilled ember-data packages syntax for all Ember apps 📦, use Figma with Storybook to make your developer life easier 🎨, QUnit DOM announces v1.0 release 🎂, and check out the ember-changeset 3.0.0 release 🎉!

The Ember Times - Issue No. 133

✌️ Emberistas! 🐹

This week: Check out the RFC for Improved Ember Registry APIs 🗒️®️, Octane community feedback from FlashRecruit 👏, contributing to OSS with confidence at EmberConf 💪, and meet two developers who write short Ember posts regularly ✏️!

The Ember Times - Issue No. 132

👋 Emberistas! 🐹

Get together at EmberConf meetups 🍦, learn how to use RouteInfo.metadata from EmberMap 🧩, try an Octane & JAM sandwich at EmberConf 🏎🥪🍓, monitor Ember app performance with Tracerbench ⏱, and try out the Related Files Hopper VSCode extension 🤸!

The Ember Times - Issue No. 131

Привет, Эмберисты! Hello, Emberistas! 🐹

Help improve Ember's autotracking and reactivity system 💬, read the new test waiters RFC ⏳, optimize your app with Ember Data 📈, the Russian Ember community 🇷🇺, and learn about powerful debugging at EmberConf 💻!

The Ember Times - Issue No. 130

Happy New Year, Emberistas! 🐹

This week, we have an Ember Octane Special Edition for you!

We've collected as much info as possible about this new Ember edition. So throughout this post, you will find useful information to help you get the most out of Ember Octane.

Octane is modern Ember, and I’m psyched that we got it over the finish line. Have fun building apps! ~ Yehuda Katz (@wycats)

This week: What is the Octane Edition? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️, where can I learn more 🤓, how to migrate to Octane 🐹🏗️, community feedback from Outdoorsy 👏, conquer Octane with Ember Atlas 🗺🌍, and Octane at EmberConf 2020 📢!

The Ember Times - Issue No. 129

Happy Holidays, Emberistas! 🐹🌲⛄️

Ember Octane is here 🐹🎉, new ember-autofocus-modifier 💡, 3 new RFCs for template helpers 3️⃣, ember-apollo-client v2 released 🎉 and join us for the last 11 days of DecEmber 1️⃣1️⃣!

The Ember Times - Issue No. 128

Happy Friday the 13th 👻, Emberistas! 🐹

Updates for the Octane/Classic Ember Cheat Sheet 🎮, check out the new accessible controls for ember-sortable 🎛️, introduce adaptive loading to your app with Ember Device 📶, a new testing codemod from Freshworks 🎉, and more DecEmber 📆 updates!

The Ember Times - Issue No. 127

Happy DecEmber Emberistas! 🐹

"I contribute to Ember" with Ben Demboski" 👨‍💻, become an Ember author in DecEmber ✍️🎄, a reminder to help test the new Inspector 🔬, release v3.0.0 of ember-test-selectors 🎉, and try out Ember Electron v3 beta today 🖥️!

The Ember Times - Issue No. 126

👋 Emberistas! 🐹

More Improvements Coming to Ember Inspector Soon 🚀, represent Ember in the State of JavaScript 2019 survey 📃, give thanks to Octane Guides contributors 🙏, Ember got more real with RealWorld 🌟, the EmberConf CfP closing on Dec 1st 📆, and Ember + Tailwind CSS tips and tricks 🎨!

The Ember Times - Issue No. 125

👋 Emberistas! 🐹

Check out the Ember 3.14 release 🐹✨, "I Contribute to Ember" with Ryan Mark 👨‍💻, submit your EmberConf 2020 proposal today 🎤, VS Code Plugins for Octane 🤖, beta releases for Ember Basic Dropdown and Ember Power Select ⭐, listen to a new episode of Ember Weekend 🎧, and a brand-new Readers' Question about the future of DDAU 🤓!