The Ember Times - Issue No. 150

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Ember Octane vs Classic cheat sheet is in Octane 🔥, Ember tutorials on MDN 🎉, test directory RFC FCP closing 🚨⏳, new router service refresh RFC ♻️, and last, but not least, "My Experience with Ember.js" Part 2 🎬!

Ember Octane vs Classic cheat sheet is in Octane 🔥

Ember Octane vs Classic Cheat Sheet is a quick reference to understanding how to convert a classic Ember syntax to an Octane one. The website is nearing its one year anniversary! 🎂 What better way to celebrate than being upgraded from vanilla JS to an Ember Octane app?

Thanks to work by Jen Weber (@jenweber) and Isaac Lee (@ijlee2), the project is now built on a few well-known solutions: ember-code-snippet, ember-prism, ember-intl, ember-cli-deploy, and GitHub Actions for CI.

What's in store for the future? The project can use your help with updated content, mobile responsive design, and—perhaps what's most cool—translations to languages besides English. If you'd like to help, please reach out to the Ember Learning Team on #dev-ember-learning on Discord!

Ember tutorials on MDN 🎉

Preston Sego (@NullVoxPopuli) shared the news that Ember tutorials are now on the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) web docs, along with React and Vue! It's awesome to see Ember included in MDN, one of the most respected resources on the web for frontend developers.

In the Ember tutorial, you'll build a TodoMVC app in Ember. You can verify your code with the tutorial code repository and also check out a live deployed version. Thank you @NullVoxPopuli for your efforts in getting the word out about Ember! 👏

Test directory RFC FCP closing ⏳

RFC Final Comment Period (FCP) closing alert 🚨!

The ✨awesome ✨ Request for Comments (RFC) by Mehul Kar (@mehulkar) about changing the name of an Ember app's test directories to be more in sync with naming provided in the official guides has entered the last week of FCP.

The RFC proposes that this unification could make it easier to have a shared language between tests, and would reduce confusion for newer users when using Ember CLI.

If you're interested in the subject and have opinions you want to voice, now would be a good time to head on over to the RFC and provide some feedback.

New router service refresh RFC ♻️

There's a cool 😎 new RFC by Gaurav Munjal (@Gaurav0) regarding adding a refresh method to the router service.

Note: This RFC is suggesting a refresh method that would be different than the currently available Route.prototype.refresh method, which refreshes whatever route you call it on and all routes “below” it in the route hierarchy. This newly proposed method would refresh all currently active routes.

If you're interested in commenting on the RFC, please head on over to the PR and make your voice heard 📣!

"My Experience with Ember.js" Part 2 🎬

Cal Woolgar (@calWoolgar) has a second video out, Creating an Ember Application! He demonstrates how Ember CLI helps you get started with Ember.js.

This video touches on an Ember app's anatomy. With Ember CLI, you can create a fully working application with one line of code! 🎉

ember new "app-name"

With that command, Ember CLI installs all your dependencies for your new app. You can also create routes and templates with the CLI.

ember generate template "template-name"
ember generate route "route-name"

These are great videos for someone learning Ember, look forward to the next tutorial video from Cal! 😃

Contributors' corner 👏

This week we'd like to thank @thoov, @Gaurav0, @rwjblue, @mansona, @CodingItWrong, @locks, @chriskrycho, @chrisrng, @SergeAstapov, @patricklx, @mmun, @gabrielcsapo, @ygongdev, @danwenzel, @vasind, @Alonski, and @jelhan for their contributions to Ember and related repositories! 💖

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