The Ember Times - Issue No. 129

Happy Holidays, Emberistas! 🐹🌲⛄️

Ember Octane is here 🐹🎉, new ember-autofocus-modifier 💡, 3 new RFCs for template helpers 3️⃣, ember-apollo-client v2 released 🎉 and join us for the last 11 days of DecEmber 1️⃣1️⃣!

Octane Is Here 🎉

Ember 3.15 was released this week. In addition to the usual new features, improvements and bug fixes, this release also marks the official release of Ember's first edition - Ember Octane!

But what is Ember Octane? Ember Octane is the new, recommended way for developers to build Ember applications and addons.

Octane features a new reactivity model, a renewed practice of building components and a stronger focus on HTML driven web development than ever before. It aims to make the development of performant Ember apps not only more easy and productive, but also more fun right from the start. And on top of that, Ember Octane is fully opt-in and interoperable for existing Ember apps - which means you can try out the new way of building modern Ember Octane apps gradually, without having to rewrite your entire app today.

Want to know all about Ember Octane? Learn more about what's new in Octane and how to get started in the official Ember Octane release announcement by Yehuda Katz (@wycats)! Need help? Check out the #topic-octane-migration channel on the Ember Discord!

New ember-autofocus-modifier 💡

While building an autofocus feature for their components, Qonto engineers were also able to improve their APIs. Cyrille David (@dcyriller) and team wanted to add autofocus to several components across two apps. For example, both their one-time-password input and their email input component needed autofocus. Since mixins are no longer recommended in the Ember ecosystem, Cyrille went with modifiers. And they blogged about their experience here!

Modifiers are a new feature in the recently released Ember Octane edition. They allow for sharing code between components, similar to directives in Vue or Angular. We revisited Chris Garrett (@pzuraq)'s blog Coming Soon in Ember Octane - Part 4: Modifiers and the new Octane Guides: Out-of-Component-Modifications to learn more!

Qonto wrapped up the code in a small addon, ember-autofocus-modifier. You can use the code as-is, or copy the snippet code and experiment with creating your own modifier.

Three New RFCs to Add New Template Helpers 3️⃣

Miguel Camba @cibernox opened a slew of RFCs around adding new built-in operators to Ember templates. The idea comes from functionality provided in ember-truth-helpers and is a subset of his other RFC to add basic helpers to Ember templates.

The three template helper RFCs Miguel proposed are the following:

Help get this off the ground by adding your input to these changes today!

ember-apollo-client v2 Released 🎉

After a year in beta cycle, ember-apollo-client celebrates a new major release! Version 2 comes with several enhanced features and follows modern practices in Ember and the JavaScript ecosystem. To learn more about v2, please see the changelog.

We extend our thanks to all contributors: @FabHof, @brunoocasali, @buschtoens, @dmzza, @vsergiu93, @lstrzebinczyk, @jasonmit, @coladarci, @jgwhite, @christophermlne, @bgentry, and @josemarluedke.

If you would like to build an Ember + GraphQL app, we encourage you to try out ember-apollo-client today!

The Final Countdown with DecEmber 📆

With the series DecEmber series "Countdown to the New Year: 31 Days of Ember addons" the community is featuring their favorite Ember addons on a daily basis until the end of 2019 - which means, there are only 11 more days to go! Follow the DecEmber series on the Ember blog!

This week, community members wrote about their love ❤️ for powerful select UIs, the beauty of well-formatted templates, the joy of sharing your app beyond language barriers and how amazing Ember addons help them with writing amazing web applications!

Do you want to share your joy for a particular addon yourself? Sign up for any of the open issues with the DecEmber label and take a look at our contribution guide to get started. For questions or feedback, reach out to us on the #dev-ember-learning channel on the Ember Discord or ping Melanie Sumner (@MelSumner), Jen Weber (@jenweber) or Jessica Jordan (@jessica-jordan).

Contributors' Corner 👏

This week we'd like to thank @hjdivad, @rwjblue, @chancancode, @kellyselden, @Turbo87, @pichfl, @jessica-jordan, @jenweber, @acorncom, @bartocc, @pzuraq, @igorT, @patricklx and @craigteegarden for their contributions to Ember and related repositories! 💖

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