The Ember Times - Issue No. 114

– By Chris Ng, Isaac Lee, Jesse Jordan, Amy Lam

Hiya Emberistas! 🐹 This week: read the Octane Update for the Modern Ember Tutorial 🎁, participate in the discussion of deprecating eventing 💬, join the crowd at EmberFest 2019 🐹🎉, and suggest ideas for the upcoming Ember Octane issue ✍️!

Ember Octane Update for Modern Ember Tutorial 🎁

@CodingItWrong updated his Modern Ember tutorial to use octane-app-blueprint.

This tutorial provides an intro to:

  • Angle bracket syntax for components
  • Easy ES6 imports of NPM modules
  • Decorators for clear and expressive component implementations
  • Tracked properties to automatically rerender components and recompute derived data
  • and Co-locating component templates and classes for easy development

Try out Ember Octane today which @CodingItWrong calls the “simplest, most straightforward, most productive frontend framework!”

Emberistas from Europe and Beyond: Get Ready for EmberFest 2019 🐹🎉

If you're using Ember, you're based in Europe or you're planning your next trip there soon, be sure to mark October 17th and 18th on your calendar and join hundreds of other Emberistas for Europe's biggest Ember conference. EmberFest 2019 will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark and feature 16+ talks by community members such as Godfrey Chan (@chancancode), Melanie Sumner (@MelSumner), Edward Faulkner (@ef4) and Chantal Broeren (@cbroeren)! If you're looking for updates on the latest and greatest in Ember and Glimmer, this is the place to be.

You can check out the full schedule on the conference website to get an idea of the topics talked about. You can also look forward to tasty and culturally intriguing city tours on October 16th, the day before the conference. Be sure to secure your ticket before they sell out and tell your colleagues and Ember friends!

Follow @emberfest on Twitter or subscribe to the official mailing list to stay up to date. See you at EmberFest 2019 soon!

RFC for Deprecating Eventing from Ember 💬

@ggayowsky asks for your feedback for deprecating the eventing pattern from Ember. The motivation stems from the fact that Ember no longer uses eventing, thanks to the work done for Octane. By deprecrating it, we can simplify Ember and follow the 2019-2020 Roadmap.

In particular, Gerald proposes that we target deprecating the Evented mixin and methods from @ember/object/events and @ember/object/evented packages. If you need to still use the eventing pattern, you could use a well-supported, third-party library instead.

For more information about eventing and the plan to deprecate it from Ember, please check out the RFC today. Be sure to provide your feedback and help!

Suggest Ideas for an Upcoming Ember Octane Issue! ✍️

Your friendly neighborhood writers from The Ember Times here! We would like your help with creating a special Ember Octane issue.

When it comes to Octane:

  • What content would you like to see?
  • Do you have leads for coverage?
  • Any other feedback and suggestions!

Feel free to chat with us today at the #support-ember-times channel on the Ember Community Discord, or comment on this pull request on GitHub.

Thanks, and have a great day! 💞

Contributors' Corner 👏

This week we'd like to thank @locks, @chancancode, @mukilane, @igorT, @HeroicEric, @dcyriller, @rwwagner90, @ggayowsky, @bertdeblock, @mansona, @ClaytonTurner, @ppphp, @rnegron, @MelSumner, @rwjblue and @chadhietala for their contributions to Ember and related repositories! 💖

Got a Question? Ask Readers' Questions! 🤓

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Wondering about something related to Ember, Ember Data, Glimmer, or addons in the Ember ecosystem, but don't know where to ask? Readers’ Questions are just for you!

Submit your own short and sweet question under And don’t worry, there are no silly questions, we appreciate them all - promise! 🤞

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That's another wrap! ✨

Be kind,

Chris Ng, Isaac Lee, Jessica Jordan, Amy Lam and the Learning Team