The Ember Times - Issue No. 108

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This week: learn how to use Sentry to track production errors 📈, get your new hires off to the best start 📚, learn about the newest – and hopefully last! – way to handle events in Ember with the {{on}} Modifier 🔛, a cheat sheet for modern Ember components ✨, and last, but not least, find out how to create static sites with Prember and Ember Data 🔥!

Sentry Error Reporting for Ember.js 📈

Sentry is an open-source error tracking tool that helps you monitor and fix production errors in your Ember app. In 2018, Sentry announced a new SDK for browsers, called @sentry/browser.

To help you get started, @Turbo87 published a blog post. 🧡 In particular, you can learn how to:

  • migrate from ember-cli-sentry addon to the official @sentry/browser
  • report messages and exceptions to Sentry at will
  • filter out errors that aren't critical
  • add metadata to errors

We encourage you to deliver high-quality Ember apps today!

How to Hire and Train Developers when You Don’t Use React 📚

@jenweber wrote an awesome blog post on how to hire and train new developers. She provided 10 great tips on how you can help solve the pain points of hiring and training for your company. If you are in charge of hiring new people or if you have a new colleague in your team, this is definitely a nice piece to get some new ideas about your onboarding process.

If you have started a new job, this post is also for you! We encourage you to think about how you want to be trained and how you can contribute to your team's onboarding process.

EmberMap: {{on}} Modifier Tutorial 🔛

The action modifier is the original way events were handled in Ember. The new {{on}} modifier that was introduced this year to address some shortcomings of the action modifier such as being explicit, working consistently for all events, and works well in SSR.

One way the {{on}} modifier deviates from the action helper is that it will only be responsible for adding (and removing) event listeners using the addEventListener API. The action helper is still needed to bind context, see below.

<button {{on 'click' (action 'addOne')}}>
  Add one!

Check out this free tutorial video on the {{on}} modifier on EmberMap!

A Cheat Sheet for Modern Ember Components ✨

On the road to the release of Ember Octane, lots of modern component features are already available with recent Ember releases. If you want to keep track of which features are already available with a particular 3.x version of Ember, check out the ultimate Ember Component Cheat Sheet.

Also if you want to learn more about how these new component API's work, be sure to check out the Ember Component Museum by @jenweber. ✨

Kudos to @CodingItWrong who created the cheat sheet and thank you for sharing it with the community!

Using Prember for a Static Site with Ember Data 🔥

Prember is an addon that works in tandem with Fastboot. It allows you to serve your app statically and reap the benefits of fast first-paint and SEO!

@Gaurav0 recently published his notes on using Prember with Ember Data. You will find how to set up Prember and Fastboot shoebox, as well as some data challenges that you may encounter along the way. See how Prember can help you today!

Contributors' Corner 👏

This week we'd like to thank @sdhull, @josemarluedke, @bantic, @amyrlam, @sivakumar-kailasam, @mansona, @toddjordan, @pzuraq, @runspired, @rwjblue and @Gaurav0 for their contributions to Ember and related repositories! 💖

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