The Ember Times - Issue No. 103

हॅलो Emberistas! 🐹

This week: submit to the Ember Camp Chicago CfP 🌭, celebration of 55 posts for #EmberJS2019 🎉, unravel the mystery of Ember testing syntax 💡, examine alternatives to the input helper 🤔, watch the Visual Regression Testing Made Easy talk video 📺, more expressive dependency injection ⬅️, and clean out unused components from your 🐹 app!

EmberCamp Chicago on September 16th! 🌭

The EmberCamp Chicago CfP is open until June 30th. If you are interested in doing a talk, mini-talk, activity, workshop, or keynote, please submit soon!

Tickets are on sale now, with an Early Bird sale of $99 until July 8! If you want to receive announcements about EmberCamp, sign up on

Also, last year's sessions have all been published as a playlist. If you only want to see Trek's awesome intros, there's a separate playlist for that. 🥁

Thank You for Participating in #EmberJS2019! 🎉

Over the last few weeks, we saw 55 blog posts, GitHub Gists, and tweets that described how Ember can continue to innovate in 2019. We thank everyone for participating, by writing a post, replying to one, and discussing it online or on podcasts. Please feel free to continue to write your #EmberJS2019 post even after the deadline. 💖

This week's authors include @ondrejsevcik, @michaelrkn, @mansona, @machty, @sarbbottam, @tschoartschi, @dcyriller, @rajasegar, @Alonski, @josemarluedke, @elwayman02, @acorncom, @kenigbolo, @rwwagner90, @toddjordan, @scalvert, @dustinsoftware, @knownasilya, @runspired, @0xadada, @chriskrycho, and @neojp.

As always, you can find all #EmberJS2019 posts at our community repo. (Thanks again, @abhilashlr!)

The Ember.js Testing Guide, I Made for Myself 💡

@sarbbottam recalls how the new testing syntax had improved his productivity remarkably. Sarbbottam, who has been making notes on testing since, graciously shared them with the whole community last week. 💯

Learn more today about:

  • Writing different types of tests (unit, integration, and acceptance)
  • Running tests
  • Stubbing dependencies

We encourage you to check out Sarbbottam's guide and share it with developers that you know! 💛

Do We Still Need the Input Helper? 🤔

As Ember aligns with native JavaScript more each day, we get to reexamine the framework choices that we had made. For example, how should we handle events for input elements? @rwjblue and @stefanpenner met to discuss the historical context and alternatives to using the {{input}} helper.

You can learn more from their recorded interview and @balinterdi's notes and thoughts.

Talk Video: Visual Regression Testing Made Easy 📺

@patocallaghan gave a lightning talk on “Visual Regression Testing Made Easy” at the April 2019 DublinJS Meetup. In his talk, Pat used Percy to scale visual regression testing from a manual to an automated workflow. You can catch potential CSS bugs, remove certain types of tests, and deal with large refactors and migrations. “Styles can sometimes make bad things happen.” Percy gives you confidence when you make big changes.

Check out the full lightning talk video just published this week!

More Explicit Dependency Injection in Your Ember Apps 🐹

The recent Request for Comments (RFC), titled "Explicit Service Injection," proposes an update to the way services and other dependencies are registered, looked up and injected in Ember apps. The proposal argues that a class-based syntax for dependency injection is more explicit than the current string-based API and therefore preferable.

If you'd like to learn more about the new API design that is proposed in the RFC, be sure to read the original proposal and do not forget to join the discussion in the comments!

Prune Your App with Ember Unused Components ♻️

Finding components that aren't used in your application anymore can be tough. Due to different ways to invoke components (with curly braces or angle brackets) and the syntactical ambiguity between invoking helpers and components, it takes some time to prune your app from redundant components manually.

But now you can use the brand-new addon Ember Unused Components to clean up your codebase automatically. Use the --stats flag to get useful reports on the impact of your app optimization efforts as you go. Check it out today!

Contributors' Corner 👏

This week we'd like to thank @loganrosen, @bekzod, @sdebarros, @buschtoens, @rwjblue, @pzuraq, @efx, @runspired, @scalvert and @muziejus for their contributions to Ember and related repositories! 💖

Got a Question? Ask Readers' Questions! 🤓

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Wondering about something related to Ember, Ember Data, Glimmer, or addons in the Ember ecosystem, but don't know where to ask? Readers’ Questions are just for you!

Submit your own short and sweet question under And don’t worry, there are no silly questions, we appreciate them all - promise! 🤞

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