Ember Homepage survey

– By Ryan Toronto

The first version of emberjs.com was created over 7 years ago, in 2011! Since then there's not only been a major redesign, but countless features, blog posts, guides, examples, and lessons learned added to the site. It's been thrilling to watch the Ember community evolve emberjs.com over the years.


Emberjs.com in 2011


Emberjs.com in 2015


The future homepage?

That said, we believe it's time for another redesign of the homepage. The marketing copy doesn't capture many of the amazing innovations that have landed in Ember over the past few years. We want the homepage to reflect how great it is to be an Ember developer in 2018.

But first we need your help!

We want to find out what makes you continue to use Ember in a world full of alternatives, so we can better communicate Ember's value proposition to others who might find similar success.

By taking a few minutes to answer these questions, you can help influence the messaging behind Ember's future homepage and any other marketing materials we create.

We really appreciate your time, and thanks!

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