Update - The Ember Website

– By Melanie Sumner, Chris Manson

With the initial launch of the website redesign complete, we're now working on the various sub-domains that all come together to make up the Ember Website experience. We want to share these plans with the community, so that those who want to help know where to pitch in.

Community members that want to help should familiarize themselves with the ember-styleguide addon - this is the UI addon that we're using to help us consistently apply the branded look and feel to all of the sub-domains within the website. We've created a handy documentation site, so those who want to help out should read through that before getting started.

Next up, we plan to work on the blog! To help out with that, visit the Emberify and Redesign the Ember Blog project board on GitHub. Let us know that you want to help in the #st-website channel on the Ember Discord chat server.

The project board shows, roughly, the order in which we plan to do the rest of the work:

  • Blog
  • Guides
  • API Docs
  • Deprecation App
  • Help Wanted
  • Ember CLI Guides

Along the way, it's likely that new component work will be needed in the ember-styleguide addon, especially with regard to additional component design and documentation.

After that, we'll move on to implementing some fine-tuning and extra polish to any of the sites that have been finished, since at that point we anticipate that a few gaps may have appeared that need to be addressed.

Now, while this is the plan for the website strike team, this project still follows our general community guidelines for contributing- if someone has particular energy for a subset of this work, then they should contribute to that as they are able. No one will be asked to shift their focus or work on something different- PR review may take a little longer in those instances.

We hope this quick update has helped clarify the plan and helped you identify places where you can contribute! The website strike team meets every Thursday at 14:30 UTC, so if you want to come join in, you're more than welcome to do so! And you can always ask us any questions in the #st-website channel on Discord.