The Ember Times - Issue No. 50

Sawubona Emberistas! 🐹

Read either on the Ember blog or in our e-mail newsletter what has been going on in Emberland this week: We have a couple of fresh 🥒 Ember RFCs (Request for Comments) in for you this week, a status update from the long-awaited Package 📦 feature in Ember CLI 💻, a call-to-action for creative writers ✍️ and last, but not least, a brand-new Readers' Question for you 📚:

Lets Send SendAction Away!

The time has come. component#sendAction has served the Ember community well for years but in a new RFC by @cibernox he proposes to deprecate this feature. In the old days, before v1.13, component#sendAction was the only way to bubble up actions from components. Since v1.13 we have closure actions which are more intuitive and flexible and they are the current recommended Ember Way™ for doing actions in components.

Closure actions have been the recommended way to do actions in components for almost 3 years. Also component#sendAction is not even mentioned in the guides anymore so there is really little reason to keep it around. So look out for a new deprecation near you, coming soon!

If you want to learn more about why closure actions are preferred over component#sendAction then you can check out this blog post from 2016.

Read more about this proposal and join the RFC discussion:

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RFC Deprecating Ember Utils 🛠

A new RFC has been posted on deprecating Ember.{isEmpty, isBlank, isNone, isPresent}. The motivation of this is to clean up utils that do not provide much value over writing plain old Javascript. There's already a discussion going on whether this is a good decision or not. You can follow the discussion and read the RFC at the RFC repository.

Global Resolver RFC in Final Process 👨‍⚖️‍

The RFC to deprecate global resolver is has now entered the final stage. The motivation of this RFC is the fact that we have transitioned to using Ember CLI. The globals resolver is primarily used for Ember without Ember CLI.

Read all about the RFC and bring your thoughts for the final process in the RFC repository.

Ember CLI Packager: News from the Field 🌾

We already wrote about the Packager in Ember CLI recently. But here's another status update for this feature which will make the build pipeline of your Ember apps easier to modify very soon: These weeks lots of new improvements and fixes landed (1, 2, 3, 4). According to internal sources, there have already been successful test runs using the experimental version of this Rollup powered packager 😲 for bundling and tree-shaking different open-source Ember 🐹 projects. We'll keep you posted with more news from the field soon!

Got Something to Share?

We all love reading the Ember blog. It’s an awesome way to find out what’s happening in the community and to keep up to date on all things Ember. Sometimes though, you may think to yourself, “I’ve got something to say!”. Awesome! Whether your passion is authoring addons or tinkering with broccoli, contributing to the blog is an excellent opportunity to connect with the community. Well, getting started could not be any easier! If you want to write a guest blog post for the website, make your way over to Ember.js Guest Blog Post Invitation, and fill out the form!

The Shortest Ember Book 📖🐹

Shortest Ember Book

The Shortest Ember Book is here! The goal is to quickly and concisely communicate what Ember is, how it works, and steps to get started. Anyone is welcome to print the book! Meetup organizers, speakers, and conference table hosts are especially encouraged to print and distribute copies. Shoutout to Braden Lawrence for the designs and Jen Weber for leading the project.

Contributors' Corner

This week we'd like to thank @rwjblue, @IzzatN, @bekzod, @savvymas, @kennethlarsen, @jeffdaley, @vFederer, @Turbo87, @xg-wang, @thoov, @kellyselden, @Gaurav0, @chadhietala, @izelnakri, @dfreeman, @mansona, @jfdnc, @chaoobject001, @jenweber, @CodingItWrong, @pizza, @sbatson5 and @sivakumar-kailasam - thank you for all your efforts! ❤️

Readers' Questions: "I'd like to contribute to Ember. How can I get started?" 🤓

Office Hours Tomster Mascot

In this week's Readers' Question we're talking about contribution - and first-time contributions to Ember in particular. Ember Learning team member @jessica-jordan highlights in her answer which repositories are a great starting point for a first contribution to the Ember ecosystem, how you can find an interesting issue to work on and where you can reach out to other community members to make your contribution a real success 💪.

Submit your own short and sweet question at And don’t worry, there are no silly questions, we appreciate them all - promise! 🤞

That's another wrap! ✨

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Kenneth Larsen, Sivakumar Kailasam, Alon Bukai, Ryan Mark, Amy Lam, Jen Weber, Jessica Jordan and the Learning Team