The Ember Times - Issue No. 67

Hello, pleased to eat you, Emberistas! -Dracula 🦇

🍂 Fall is here and so is Hacktoberfest for Ember, CodeSandbox for Ember, and Storybook for Ember! We're also advertising Help Wanted for the new Ember CLI docs and the latest Ember Twiddle release! Read on in this week's issue…

Hacktoberfest 🎃🍻👨‍💻

Trick or treat! The fifth annual Hacktoberfest is here! Support open source and earn a limited edition T-shirt by making five pull requests this month to any public repos…why not all Ember ones?!

Looking for something to work on? Pop into the #hacktoberfest channel on the Ember Community Discord and ask away with questions! Here are some issues to get you started:

Want to help improve Ember Observer? Have a friend or coworker looking for their first open source pull request? A mere 977 addon repos on are missing the repository key from their package.json. For more info, reference the npm docs, and some sample pull requests [1, 2]…rinse and repeat for every addon repo. Thanks @cah-danmonroe and @ctpip for getting this effort started! 💯

…and don't forget to register on the Hacktoberfest site. 👻

Come Play in the Ember CodeSandbox 🏖️🏰

CodeSandbox is an online code editor for the Web, and now for Ember as well! @mike-north has done a lot of work to get Ember CLI working inside of CodeSandbox so that we can develop, showcase, and share live apps on the web!

What allowed this to happen is that CodeSandbox released server-side evaluated sandboxes, which now allows CLI Node apps to run and be served by the site.

We want to give a shoutout to @Gaurav0 and the rest of the Ember Twiddle team for their amazing work. The way Ember Twiddle works is by emulating a node environment. With CodeSandbox, we get real Ember CLI out of the box.

There are a few issues that Mike is working on fixing, but we believe that this will be stable and usable soon. For example, ember new app doesn't work.

To try this out today, use this starter kit or if you are feeling adventurous try out this TypeScript starter kit.

To learn more make sure to check out the blog post and follow Mike on Twitter to stay updated!

Introducing: Storybook for Ember! 📖

With the v4.0.0 alpha release of Storybook, @gabrielcsapo helped provide an exciting addition to Ember tooling - adding Storybook support!

Storybook is a separate UI development environment for your UI components. It allows you to explore your component library, work on a single component in isolation, and view the different states of each component. This enables developers to see the functioning UI of the component along with expectations on what to pass as arguments to that component to behave in a certain way.

There are plenty of featured examples that you can reference to see how Storybook works. We are excited to see the productivity and convenience this tool will bring to Ember!

Help Create the Freshest Ember CLI Docs 🥒

Do you ❤️ Ember CLI? And would you like to help the community to share this appreciation even further? Then be sure, to check out this new Quest Issue for writing the brand-new documentation for Ember CLI! 💛

Help is needed for anything ranging from copy-pasta-ing 🍝 to greenfield writing. To sign up and join the crowd, add a comment to the Quest Issue and volunteer for a task.

Ember Twiddle to the Next Level 🐹🎢

Your favorite tool for sharing Ember specific code examples with your colleagues and friends is out with a brand-new patch release! Ember Twiddle v0.15.1 comes with support for the latest version of Ember and ember-decorators, improved installation instructions and much more.

In case you haven't twiddled yet, it's about time to create your first Twiddle today! 📝

Contributors' Corner 👏

This week we'd like to thank @chadhietala, @kgautreaux, @rwjblue, @simonihmig, @chrisrng, @jeffdaley, @amyrlam, @RyanGee, @ftonato, @ruandev, @Alonski, @patrickmcintire-viavi, @Dhaulagiri, @runspired, @makepanic, @hjdivad, @toddjordan, @kellyselden, @stefanpenner, @Gaurav0, @chiragpat, @rondale-sc, @smfoote, @HuggableSquare, @ynotdraw, @localpcguy, @ybakos, @nightire, @nummi, @josemarluedke, @samselikoff, @patocallaghan, @underoot, @BradenLawrence, @Akash4927, @mansona, @gokatz, @jenweber, @Parrryy, @John-E5, @donofriov and @CosmicWebServices for their contributions to Ember and related repositories! 💖

Got a Question? Ask Readers' Questions! 🤓

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Submit your own short and sweet question under And don’t worry, there are no silly questions, we appreciate them all - promise! 🤞

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