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This week you can read all about the 📦 Ember 3.2 and how the 🐹 Core Team has reorganised. There's also a great tip on how you can improve your testing with the new and improved 🚀QUnit DOM. At last, there's news about 👩‍💻 Twiddle as well as a nice 📹 video on the Ember Styleguide. Enjoy!

Organising the Organisers

The Ember Team has published a new blog post outlining some structural changes to the Core teams. It contains two changes: A new Steering Committee and a renaming of some of the existing teams.

The Steering Committee will be responsible for areas like community guidelines, managing Ember’s brand, dealing with legal questions and much more.

The renaming of the Ember teams means that moving forward, all the official teams will be known as Core teams: Ember.js Core, Ember CLI Core, Ember Data Core, and Ember Learning Core.

The intent here is to make it clear that all members of the teams are peers.

You can read all about the changes in the Ember blog post.

QUnit DOM on TypeScript for Easy-Peasy Assertions

Are you fond of writing tests in QUnit? Are you a fan of expressive test assertions? Do you 💙 TypeScript? Then we'll guarantee you that this update to qunit-dom - a library that helps you to write high-level DOM assertions - will make your heart beat faster 💕:

The library is now using TypeScript for compilation to ES5 and features lots of new type declarations, making it possible for you to explore the API in your editor as you type.

Check out the latest v0.7 release to get all the TypeScript neatness to your test suite today and type on! ⌨

Twiddle Your Thumbs No More

Ember Twiddle support for the latest (v3.2.2) release of Ember and Ember Data is here! With the great efforts of @Gaurav0, @rwjblue and @gokatz you can now use the latest and greatest in Ember Land in your favorite browser Ember environment.

Some cool updates are new keyboard shortcuts for run now and save as well as a shortcut for quickly commenting JavaScript code. There are also some updates to the contribution guide, and it now supports Ember 3.0 - 3.2 out of the box!

Ember Twiddle, currently at v0.15.0 is a great tool that allows creating Ember apps to showcase ideas, bugs, issues, demos and more. It allows using addons with the included twiddle.json and has a built-in generator like Ember-CLI. There are even different keyboard layouts such as Vim, Emacs, Sublime and more.

Now is a great time to check out this amazing tool!

Upgrade ⬆️ Your App up to 11 with Ember 3.2 🐹

The time has come. The long awaited version 3.2 release of Ember, Ember CLI and Ember Data is out in the wild!

A little later than previously planned, this release makes up for the waiting with neat new features, including the handy let helper for on the spot creation of bindings in your templates or the ✨ testing assertion library qunit-dom which is now added to your v3.2+ app on your very first ember new.

Ember Data's latest release removes several stale feature flags - put into place to allow users an opt-in to experimental features which have now become outdated to make way for more recent developments of the addon. If you're relying on any of these features in your app, be sure to reach out to the Ember Data team for support with the transition by opening an issue here.

You can also check out the release blog post's Deprecations sections to ensure that you're app is prepared for the next major release. Read all about 👀 it on the Ember Blog:

Open Source Live

Now that the Guides and Deprecations have been moved into Ember apps, needs to be moved to an Ember app too! Chris Manson and Melanie Sumner recorded their latest pairing session, where they are working on adding the beta ember-learn/ember-styleguide to the new ember-learn/ember-website (a rewrite of emberjs/website in Ember, so as to make it easier to contribute to). Check out the video to learn more about Learning Team happenings and pair programming for knowledge sharing!

Contributors' Corner

A warm thank you 💕 goes to @krisselden, @Alonski, @kennethlarsen, @jessica-jordan, @MelSumner, @pete-the-pete, @hakilebara, @teddyzeenny, and @oskarrough.

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