The Ember Times - Issue No. 209

– By Anne-Greeth Schot-van Herwijnen

πŸ‘‹ Emberistas! 🐹

Modern EmberData πŸ“œ, faster components πŸš€, v2 addons, learning EmberJS at AuditBoard, help the adopted-ember-addons

πŸ“œ Modern EmberData

Chris Thoburn (@runspired) walks you through one of the key changes that come with RequestManager that highlights the advantages of the changing architecture, as well as tease a bit of what is still to come: All requests should use EmberData. The blog post will highlight what's to come and what has happened over the last years to set EmberData up to be ready for the future that is schema and spec-driven.

πŸš€ Are template-only components faster?

Preston Sego (@NullVoxPopuli) puts components to the test in this clear blog post and explains how you can test your components. So if you are interested in the answer to the question "Are template-only components faster?", check out their blog post!

✨ All addons to v2

With all the work on embroider more and more addons are publishing major versions in which they upgrade to be a v2 addon.

This week we highlight:

  • ember-cli-flash (v5.0.0) is an Ember addon that adds a flash message service and component to your app and is now also a v2 addon.
  • ember-set-helper (v3.0.0). The {{set}} helper returns a function that sets a value. This can be used in combination with Ember's {{on}} modifier or component actions to update the state without having to write your own custom action.
  • ember-concurrency (v4.0.0) has been converted to a v2 addon and ships Glint types.

πŸ“š Learning EmberJS at AuditBoard

Jacob Beltran (@jacob-beltran) joined AuditBoard about 1,5 years ago and was surprised to find EmberJS being used "still". In this blog post, he will highlight why he decided to work with Ember.

  1. Good people make you better.
  2. Interesting problems are framework-agnostic.

And he leaves us with an important lesson: "Sometimes leveling up means taking a step back and becoming a beginner again.".

🐹 Help the adopted-ember-addons

Melanie Sumner (@MelSumner) asks for your help! In the Ember community, we believe that it's important to care for addons that need a new maintainer. This is why we have the Adopted Ember addons program. Currently, this program is caring for a lot of addons that are not all in line when it comes to release processes, their CI workflow, and branch names. If you are willing to help review PRs, submit PRs to improve addons, or even evaluate addons for retirement, please reach out to Mel!

πŸ‘ Contributors' corner

This week we'd like to thank Ignace Maes (@IgnaceMaes), Andrey Mikhaylov (lolmaus) (@lolmaus), Aaron Chambers (@achambers), Greg Larrenaga (@Duder-onomy), Melanie Sumner (@MelSumner), Jared Galanis (@jaredgalanis), @mkszepp, Bryan Mishkin (@bmish), Giles Thompson (@gilest), Chris Manson (@mansona), Katie Gengler (@kategengler), @NullVoxPopuli, Bert De Block (@bertdeblock), @johanrd, Derek Wickern (@dwickern), Geordan Neukum (@geneukum), Kirill Shaplyko (@Baltazore), Jarek Radosz (@CvX), Godfrey Chan (@chancancode), Chris Thoburn (@runspired), Patrick Pircher (@patricklx), Ben Demboski (@bendemboski), and Michal BryxΓ­ (@MichalBryxi) for their contributions to Ember and related repositories! πŸ’–

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