Ember 1.0 RC5

Ember.js 1.0 RC5 has just been released and is now available from the main website as well as builds.emberjs.com.

RC5 fixes several regressions and bugs found in RC4. Notably:

  • A performance regression caused by a change to run loop scheduling has...

Ember 1.0 RC4


We have noticed a performance regression, a debug flag was left on by mistake. So if you really want the goodness of RC4 without this regression use this build, we'll have an official release out soon.

Today, we are pleased to announce...

Ember Data 0.13

Today, we are pleased to announce the release of Ember Data 0.13.

Ember Data 0.13 is the first official release of Ember Data. This should make it easier for people to synchronize Ember.js and Ember Data versions, and make reasoning about the upgrade...

Announcing the Ember.js Security Policy

We know that building your apps on top of a framework requires trust, and that trust is never put to the test more than when security vulnerabilities are discovered.

While we're very fortunate to work on an open source project that runs in a sandboxed...

Ember 1.0 RC2

Today, we're releasing the second Release Candidate of Ember 1.0. As we said when we released RC1, the next few releases will be about bugfixes and improvements, and should not have any breaking changes.

Namespace Lookup for Controllers

It is now...

Stabilizing Ember Data

Yesterday, we gave you an update on our progress making Ember.js easier to use. One thing we didn't discuss was our plan for Ember Data.

It's no secret that, while many developers are building awesome apps with Ember.js, Ember Data still causes lots...

Ember 1.0 RC

Today at Ember Camp, we announced the release of Ember.js 1.0 RC1.

This release is all about fixing bugs from the pre4 release, and gets us that much closer to a final 1.0 release. Between this release and the 1.0 final, we will mostly be focusing...

This Week in Ember

It's been a big month for Ember.js, and we're excited about the progress that we've made. With so much going on, it can be hard to keep up-to-date with the project, so here's what you need to know.