Introducing Zoey

– By Leah Silber

Over the last few years the Ember project and community have grown, and along with it, the Ember brand. We took care and caution to craft an experience and feel that while exciting and ambitious, stayed friendly and approachable. A big part of that is thanks to our friendly neighborhood mascot, the Tomster.

The time has come to expand the family. Introducing Zoey.


When chatting about the origins of the Tomster for an EmberConf talk last year, Jamie White and Tomster illustrator Lindsey Wilson had chuckled about how a mascot needed to be a little bit like the perfect pop song. Distinct, but just generic enough that all different sorts of people could see themselves in it, just like the one right lyric in the song makes it the anthem of a million different emotions and situations.

Tomster's done a great job of that until now, and with the addition of Zoey, even more amazing Ember developers will be able to see themselves in Ember.

While Tomster will always be the original friendly face of Ember, you'll start seeing Zoey pop up around town too. Stay tuned for some special Zoey swag at EmberConf, and help us welcome her to the family.