Igor Terzic Joins the Core Team

– By Tom Dale

Today I'm happy to announce that Igor Terzic is joining the Ember.js core team.

Igor has been instrumental in the development of Ember Data. He has both fixed bugs relentlessly and landed major new features, such as the recent work on modelling relationships as entities with a single source of truth.

Thanks to his hard work, Ember Data is rapidly approaching a stable release, and it's no exaggeration to say that we couldn't have done it without him.

Igor has been maintaining Ember Data diligently for some time now, and we are overdue in recognizing his efforts via membership to the core team. As Ember Data is more than ever a core part of the Ember experience, we're looking forward to even tighter coordination between the two projects.

You can follow Igor on Twitter if you'd like to keep tabs as he travels the world. Thank you, Igor, for all of your hard work, and welcome to the core team!