Ember Data 2.1 and 2.2 Beta Released

– By Brendan McLoughlin

Ember Data 2.1, a minor version release of Ember Data with bug fixes only, is released today. This release represents the work of over 26 direct contributors, and over 127 commits.

Ember Data 2.2 beta.1, the branch of Ember Data that will be released as stable in roughly six weeks, is also being released today.

New Features in Ember Data 2.1

There are no new Features introduced in Ember Data 2.1. Instead the Ember Data team spent this release cycle focused on improving the guides, API documentation and fixing bugs.

See the Ember Data 2.1.0 CHANGELOG for a full list of all changes.

Ember Data 2.2 beta

No new features are currently planned for Ember Data 2.2. During the canary cycle leading to this beta, the Ember Data team and community have been primarily focused on bug fixes and performance improvements. The Ember Data team expects the introduction of new features to resume in Ember Data 2.3.

For more details on changes in 2.2, review the Ember Data 2.2.0-beta.1 CHANGELOG.