Ember Data 1.0.0 Beta 2 Released

– By Yehuda Katz

Ember Data 1.0.0-beta.2 has been released.

The release fixes a number of bugs, and adds several new features:

  • Fix a number of issues where the code still expected class names (App.Post) instead of module-friendly shorthand (post).
  • Add host and namespace in the RESTAdapter
  • Add record.rollback()
  • Add support for since token from find all fetches
  • Add store.update(type, hash) to update some, but not all attributes
  • Improve subclassability of RESTSerializer and RESTAdapter

Thanks to Paul Chavard, Toran Billups, Bradley Priest, Kasper Tidemann, Yann Mainier, Dali Zheng, Jeremy Green, Robert Jackson, Joe Bartels, Alexandre de Oliveria, Floren Jaby, Gordon Hempton, Ivan Vanderbyl, Johannel Würbach, Márcio Júnior, Nick Ragaz, Ricardo Mendes, Ryunosuke SATO, Sylvain Mina, and ssured

Thanks to everyone who has been porting adapters to Ember Data 1.0!