Ember Data v1.0.0-beta.19 Released

– By Stanley Stuart

Ember Data 1.0.0-beta.19 contains a lot of bugfixes from the comunity! Thank you for helping us push toward a stable release of Ember Data!

New Features

Snapshots have changedAttributes

changedAttributes, which represents the changes that have happened since the model was last synced with the server, are now available on the snapshot in your adapters and serializers, instead of on DS.Model instances.

Breaking Changes

Passing Classes to Store Methods

Previously, you were allowed to pass a classes directly to store methods like store.push:

var record = store.push(App.Post, {id: 1});

While this isn't a very popular way and generally not recommended in the documentation, it did remain the preferred way to do things in Ember Data's tests for a long time. As we move toward to using Ember's Dependency Injection framework for consistency, passing these classes directly to store methods has been removed. Instead, you should pass a dasherized string:

var record = store.push('post', {id: 1});

To help you upgrade through this change, we've written an Ember Watson command. You can use this command-line tool in both Ember-CLI projects and "globals mode" style projects.

Services depending on the store

In order to fix deprecations warning induced by Ember 1.12, the store service is now injected as an instanceInitializer. As a consequence, if you had initializers depending on the store, you should move
them to an instance initializer as well, and mark it as after: 'ember-data'.

Important Deprecations

Fixture Adapter Removed

Support for the Fixture Adapter has been deprecated. After some thought, the Ember Data team decided it was not the right approach for integration-style tests. We recommend using an AJAX/data transport stubbing strategy like Pretender or sinon.

We'll be including docs on integration test strategies using Pretender in the final release.

The Fixture Adapter now lives as an addon.

Internet Explorer 8

This will be the last release to support Internet Explorer 8. Future versions of Ember Data will not support Internet Explorer 8

Update: Ember Data 1.13 has been released with support for IE8. Ember Data 1.13 is the last version of Ember Data that supports IE8. Ember Data 2.0 supports IE9+.