Ember 4.9 Released

– By Jared Galanis

Today the Ember project is releasing version 4.9 of Ember.js, Ember Data, and Ember CLI.

Version 4.8 of Ember is now promoted to LTS (Long Term Support). An LTS version of Ember continues to receive security updates for 9 release cycles (54 weeks) and bugfixes for 6 cycles (36 weeks). LTS releases typically occur every four minor versions. The previous LTS version of Ember was 4.4.

This release kicks off the 4.10 beta cycle for all sub-projects. We encourage our community (especially addon authors) to help test these beta builds and report any bugs before they are published as a final release in six weeks' time. The ember-try addon is a great way to continuously test your projects against the latest Ember releases.

You can read more about our general release process here:


Ember.js is the core framework for building ambitious web applications.

Changes in Ember.js 4.9

Ember.js 4.9 is an incremental, backwards compatible release of Ember with bug fixes, performance improvements, and minor deprecations.

Bug Fixes

Ember.js 4.9 introduced 8 bug fixes.

  • #20274 - Adds some missing type tests and APIs to preview types.
  • #20256 - Improve types for Ember Arrays unifying internal array types with external preview types and don't override methods from native JS arrays.
  • #20257 - Fix types for getOwner and GlimmerComponent.
  • #20233 - Include package name in deprecation error message rather than hardcoding Ember.
  • #20235 - Update @types/node and TypeScript to address a TypeScript 4.9 issue.
  • #20238 - Update Node.js versions to match support policy as support for Node 12 was dropped in Ember 4.6.
  • #20227 - Fix unsafe internal cast for NativeArray making casting from EmberArray to NativeArray even more explicitly unsafe and for handling a proxy getter flagging the type of this may not be exactly CoreObject.
  • #20228 - Remove type export for ControllerMixin as the type does not exist to be imported from the location it existed at in the definitions.


Ember.js 4.9 introduced 1 feature.

  • #20203 - upgrades TypeScript dependency to use version 4.8.
  • #20204 - introduces support for testing all supported versions of TypeScript against our types and removes type checking from lint scripts.


Ember.js 4.9 introduced 0 deprecations.

For more details on changes in Ember.js 4.9, please review the Ember.js 4.9.0 release page.

Ember Data

Ember Data is the official data persistence library for Ember.js applications.

Changes in Ember Data

Bug Fixes

  • #8314 - Fix build module resolution issues where the tracking package declared exports while v1.
  • #8308 - Fix tracking package issue by using prepack addon tree for embroider.
  • #8307 - Fix store issue where calling deleteRecord and destroyRecord on newly created unsaved records would throw a stable Identifier to subscribe to error due to the use of run.
  • #8306 - Fix store issue where using peekAll after destroyRecord return invalid length and records without stable Identifier via ensuring not to skip LiveArray removal if the pending queue is not empty.


Ember Data 4.9 introduced 0 features.


Ember Data 4.9 introduced 0 deprecations.

For more details on changes in Ember.js 4.9, please review the Ember Data 4.9.1 release page.

Ember CLI

Ember CLI is the command line interface for managing and packaging Ember.js applications.

Upgrading Ember CLI

You may upgrade Ember CLI using the ember-cli-update project:

npx ember-cli-update

This utility will help you to update your app or addon to the latest Ember CLI version. You will probably encounter merge conflicts, in which the default behavior is to let you resolve conflicts on your own. For more information on the ember-cli-update project, see the GitHub README.

While it is recommended to keep Ember CLI versions in sync with Ember and Ember Data, this is not required. After updating ember-cli, you can keep your current version(s) of Ember or Ember Data by editing package.json to revert the changes to the lines containing ember-source and ember-data.

Changes in Ember CLI 4.9

Bug Fixes

Ember CLI 4.9 introduced 2 bug fixes.

  • #10018 - Handle failures rather than resulting in a successful process exit code in Node versions below 16.
  • #10020 - Fix typos in serve command test.


Ember CLI 4.9 introduced 6 features.

  • #10024 - Add ember-source to peerDependencies in addon blueprint.
  • #10025 - Update NPM version constraints to include more recent versions.
  • #10026 - Display info message when running the lint:fix script post blueprint generation.
  • #10053 - Add support for node ES Module syntax addons.
  • #9824 - Add interactive way to create new Ember apps and addons.
  • #9972 - Add support for --typescript flag to app and addon blueprints.


Ember CLI 4.9 introduced 2 deprecations.

  • #10017 - Disable prototype extensions by default in app blueprint.
  • #10021 - Drop support for using usePods: true and the --pod flag simultaneously.

Thank You!

As a community-driven open-source project with an ambitious scope, each of these releases serves as a reminder that the Ember project would not have been possible without your continued support. We are extremely grateful to our contributors for their efforts.