Ember's 2018 Roadmap: A Call for Blog Posts

– By Katie Gengler

Ember has been humming along for years, with direction set by the core team, based on their instincts, experiences, and community interactions. And it's worked well!

As our community grows though, the sheer volume of good ideas makes it hard to rely on our core team and primary influencers to collect all the great ideas out there. So we're updating the process to help give voice to all those of you who want it.

The Ember team would like you to write a blog post to propose goals and direction for Ember in the remainder of 2018. The content of these posts will help us to draft our first Roadmap RFC.

What's a Roadmap RFC?

The Roadmap will outline the community's priorities for the remainder of the year. It will be presented as an RFC and follow the normal RFC process. The RFC will be written based on community input--the blog posts we've requested and other community discussion--and curation from the core team and subteams.

We recognize the need to have shared, clear, and published project-wide goals. This is the first step.


To contribute a post: Tweet a link to the post with the hashtag #EmberJS2018 or, if you're not on Twitter, email a link to roadmap@emberjs.com. These posts will be collected and categorized, and each one will be read by those working to draft the Roadmap RFC.


Your post can be on any online writing platform, but we suggest:

Topic Ideas

We'd like to hear about any aspect of Ember you have hopes for in 2018--not only about the Ember.js framework. Please include your desires for Ember Data, Ember CLI, tooling, the community, addons, and anything else Ember-related.

Here are some broad ideas that might help you get started:

  • Ideas for community programs
  • Framework features
  • Documentation improvements
  • Ecosystem needs
  • Tooling enhancements

To kickoff the process, we've collected some early posts:

Preliminary Timeline

Dates may change, but this is a general overview of the upcoming process:

May 2: call for posts!

Throughout May: read posts, draft Roadmap RFC

May 30: cutoff for posts--you can still write them (please do!), but we cannot guarantee they'll be read before Roadmap creation

Mid June: post Roadmap RFC on GitHub

Early July: assuming we’ve reached consensus, and following the normal RFC process, accept final Roadmap

We adapted this process from the Rust community: they have had success with an annual Roadmap via RFC over the last two years, and this year had a call-for-blogposts prior to the drafting of the RFC. The resultant posts are collected here; they may offer inspiration.


This post is modeled on New Year's Rust: A Call for Community Blogposts, many thanks to Ashley Williams.

Many thanks also to the Rust Core team and the Rust community, from whom we are, once again, learning and adapting process.