Ember.js 1.8.1 Released

– By Matthew Beale

Today we are releasing Ember.js 1.8.1, a patch-level release of Ember that fixes several minor regressions introduced in the 1.8 release.

Throw exception when attributeBindings includes class

Prior to 1.8, it was possible to make class part of attributeBindings and have those values merged with classNameBindings. For example, with the following template and code "from-template" and "from-class" would be merged into the DOM node's class list.

{{foo-bar class="from-template"}}
App.FooBarComponent = Ember.Component.extend({
  classNameBindings: [':from-class'],
  attributeBindings: ['class']

The intent of this code is unclear and the pre-1.8 behavior was unintentional. In Ember 1.8.1 an exception is thrown for including class in attributeBindings.

View instances

Passing view instances to the {{view}} helper was broken in Ember.js 1.8. This behavior has been restored.

Work-around provided for more iOS8 ARMv7 JIT Bugs

iOS8 has introduced a severe bug in optimized ARMv7 code. In 1.8.0 we worked around the issue in a number of modules, and we have expanded our work around for more modules in 1.8.1

Further Reading:

Support rendering of null-prototype objects

meta-data objects in Ember-Data are null-prototype, a special kind of object created with Object.create(null). In 1.8 these objects could not be rendered. 1.8.1 repairs this.

Support non-string unescaped content

In Ember 1.8 rendering an unescaped value that was not a string {{{someNumberLiteral}}} would raise an exception. This has been fixed.

Support multiple option-rendering template blocks

In Ember 1.8, template strings are parsed into DOM via innerHTML. Creating a stand-alone option tag this way results in that tag being considered "selected" even if it is not explicitly so. Consequently the last option of a select would often be selected upon render instead of the first.

We've restored support for templates like this:

  <option>First option is selected at render in 1.8.1</option>
  {{#each item in items}}

Known whitespace issues in Chrome

Some templates may result in missing whitespace in Chrome. For example, if the following template renders initially with no names, then updates via data-binding later, the space between names may not be visible.

{{firstName}} {{lastName}}

In Ember.js 1.9 we expect to land a refactor to the morph library that updates dynamic DOM content, and this should alleviate this issue. Merging the refactor into a point release is too risky, so we have labelled this issues a wont-fix.

The Chrome team has been notified of this bug and you can track progress here.