Ember.js 1.11.1 Released

– By Robert Jackson

Today we are releasing Ember.js 1.11.1, a patch-level release of Ember that fixes several regressions introduced in the 1.11.0 release.

CollectionView with attributeBindings

During the 1.11.0 cycle much effort was put into making sure that attributeBindings used the same logic that template bound attributes use. Namely, that attributeBindings use HTMLBars' attribute helpers instead of jQuery's.

Unfortunately, this work lead to an error when CollectionView instances were used with attributeBindings specified. This regression is fixed in 1.11.1.

Invalid URLs

Refactoring in the router initialization process lead to a bug that caused the browsers URL to become out of sync with the correct URL when the back button was pressed while using HistoryLocation.

This regression is fixed in 1.11.1.

Handlebars Helper Issues

A couple regressions were fixed for Handlebars helpers with 1.11.1:

  • The inverse template (aka {{else}} block) of Handlebars helpers was not properly accounted for during the HTMLBars transition. Using an {{else}} block with a Handlebars helper has not been function since 1.9.0.
  • The main block could not be rendered even if options.fn() was called within the helper. This regression was first introduced in 1.11.0-beta.4.

Incorrect Assertion for {{each foos itemControler='bar'}}

During the 1.11.0 cycle, an issue was reported regarding {{each}} when prototype extensions were turned off. The solution to that issue was to add a much more helpful assertion when an ArrayController's model did not have Ember.Array mixed into it. Unfortunately, this assertion also was triggered when the model was undefined. The assertion has been updated to ignore falsey model's in 1.11.1.

{{render}} helper with View

In 1.11.0 using the {{render}} helper (i.e. {{render 'post'}}) when a PostView is present would not provide the view with a template (it was assumed to be manually specified in the view via templateName property). As of 1.11.1 you can specify the templateName in the {{render}} helpers view (similarly to in 1.11.0), but if you do not the views template will be defaulted to a template with the same name as the view itself.