Ember 1.0 RC5

– By Tom Dale

Ember.js 1.0 RC5 has been released and is now available from the main website as well as builds.emberjs.com.

RC5 fixes several regressions and bugs found in RC4. Notably:

  • A performance regression caused by a change to run loop scheduling has been fixed. Thanks to Erik Bryn for working on this.
  • Promises returned from a route's model hook could cause the app to hang on page refresh. This has been fixed thanks to Alex Matchneer.
  • The ember-testing package, which contains additional helpers for testing Ember.js apps, is no longer included in the production build. This means less JavaScript for end users to load over the network.

Thank you to everyone who filed issues and pull requests. Please try out RC5 in your applications and report any issues or regressions you find by filing an issue on GitHub.

Lastly, thanks to Stefan Penner, who has been busting his tail to get Ember.js to the 1.0 finish line, including doing the release engineering for these release candidates. Thanks Stef!