First Annual DecEmber Event!

– By Melanie Sumner, Amy Lam

This year, the Ember Learning Core Team is hosting our first annual DecEmber, a hackathon event specifically targeted at Learning Team efforts! For an extra bit of awesome, it’s running at the same time as 24 Pull Requests, so contributions to DecEmber will count for both!

Maybe December is a busy month for you, because of the holidays and family obligations—and that’s totally okay—we hope you have a great time! But for some, December is a time of the year with a lot of downtime. Maybe that’s you! Are you wondering what to do with all your vacation time in December? We’ve got ya covered!

Participation Rules

To qualify for any of our random assortment of thank you goodies (that we’ve delightfully dubbed Embercouragement), you must complete at least five participation activities for repositories in the ember-learn org between December 1-28, 2018.

Participation Activities

  • Submitting PRs for issues
  • Writing Issues for repositories in the ember-learn org. We will mark them with the DecEmber label if they qualify.
  • Creating Illustrations: Maybe you have an artistic side, and illustrating code concepts is fun for you! If that’s the case, there are always illustrations that would enhance the guides, and those are very welcome for this event!
  • If you have another idea that you think would help support the Learning Core Team, let us know!

Quality Standards

We don’t think we need to say these things, but just in case…

  • The PR counts once it is merged; the issue counts once we have added the label.
  • The PR must not be disruptive (i.e., taking someone else’s branch/commits and creating a PR).
  • If you participate by writing an issue, the issue should be of respectable quality and not something that appears to be an intent to +1 your participation count.


During the month of December, members of the Learning Core Team will be spending extra time in the December text and voice chat channels on our Discord server! It's a great place to ask questions or chat about the event.