Countdown to The New Year - Ember SVG Jar

– By Seema Shariat, Amy Lam

This is the twelfth in our December series–"Countdown to The New Year: 31 Days of Ember Addons". We plan to highlight a new addon each day until the new year, and we hope you'll join us for the fun!

Day 12

Today we're highlighting ember-svg-jar.

What It Does

There's a reason ember-svg-jar has a 10 out of 10 on Ember Observer! The ember-svg-jar addon enables you to effortlessly use SVG images in Ember apps.

Why We Like It

A common theme in the Ember community is zero configuration. In that vein, with ember-svg-jar, you get a visual workflow out of the box to search and preview icons in one place. Check out the live demo and empower your team with this feature!

The ember-svg-jar addon helps you reduce the size of your assets. Using svgo, SVGs are automatically optimized, which can cut your file size by half or more. So useful!

The addon is flexible and extensible. ember-svg-jar provides an easy-to-use helper {{svg-jar "asset-name"}}, support for both inline and symbol embedding methods, and the ability to copy SVG as CSS background.

The addon webpage and README are a dream to peruse, both well documented and beautiful! And the logo is certainly bringing us joy.

Do you use ember-svg-jar? Or one like it? We'd love to hear about Ember addons you love for DecEmber!