Core Team Meeting Minutes - 2014/04/25

– By Trek Glowacki

Although most of our collaboration takes place on Github, IRC (#emberjs on, and our Discourse site the Ember.js Core Team meets privately every Friday at 2pm EST/11am PST through Google Hangout for a weekly discussion of all things Ember.

If you have a topic you'd like to see covered, contact your favorite core team member and let them know!


@ebryn, @krisselden, @machty, @rwjblue, @trek, @stefanpenner, @wagenet, @wycats


Build Tools Redux Progresss

When Ember.js took its first tentative steps into the world there existed no ecosystem of build tools for ambitious applications in the browser. Instead, we needed to build these tools from scratch.

The build tools story is significantly improved from those days! We're fortunate enough to have several competing systems, all JavaScript based, that help streamline this workflow.

Work is in progress to unify our builds and better declare and manage our external dependencies.

PR's/Issues To Review

  • ember-routing-linkto-target-attribute #4718

    Resolution: Good to merge into Canary, but not a "Go" yet.

  • ember-routing-will-change-hooks #4760

    Resolution: Good to merge into Canary, but not a "Go" yet.

  • Fix view keyword in component block

    Fixes #3520 by setting the concreteView of the virtual view created to yield inside a component block.

    Resolution: Don't merge. Not the real fix.

  • Cannot use the property name states in views _states

    Resolution: Fix by making states into _states. States is considered private API, so this should not be a breaking change.

  • Async Testing Helpers

    1.4 contained bug fixes in the async test helpers that broke plugins relying on the broken behavior (e.g. the third party httpRespond helper)

    Currently, async is not granular enough, so it's not possible to have test helpers that assert while async is working (which httpRespond would need).

    Testing Async helpers need some love. In the past when parts of the ecosystem have needed help we've suggested teams of motivated and capable individuals to investigate and improve our process. Past successful examples of this include the Ember Inspector and the build tools team. We probably need someone to take point on really making the test experience in Ember as great as the rest of the framework.

    Resolution: Assemble a Testing Task Force.