Core Team Meeting Minutes - 2014/03/21

– By Trek Glowacki

Although most of our collaboration takes place on Github, IRC (#emberjs on, and our Discourse site the Ember.js Core Team meets privately every Friday at 2pm EST/11am PST through Google Hangout for a weekly discussion of all things Ember.

If you have a topic you'd like to see covered, contact your favorite core team member and let them know!


@ebryn, @krisselden, @machty, @rwjblue, @stefanpenner, @trek, @wycats, @wifelette


PRs/Issues To Review

We reviewed the following PRs and Issues:

  • query-params-new #4008

    Nothing new here. We're working very hard to get this correct the first time and have something to demo at EmberConf.

  • Move instanceMetas into object's meta #4559

    InstanceMetas for objects' ReduceComputedPropertys are stored on the RCP instance (ie. on the descriptor) as this._instanceMetas[key] where key = guidOfTheObject + ':' + propertyName (see The RCP can't know when the object is garbage collected, hence the _instanceMetas array grows unbounded.

    Resolution: if David Hamilton +1’s, we merge as a bugfix.

  • Allow multiple arguments to be passed to EmberStringUtils.fmt() #4518

    This allows you to use Ember.String.fmt with the same multi-arg signature as String#fmt:

    Ember.String.fmt('%@ %@', 'John', 'Doe')
    // vs
    Ember.String.fmt(['%@ %@', 'John', 'Doe'])

    Resolution: Seems reasonable. Merge

  • Deprecate App.Store in favor of App.ApplicationStore #1808

    This makes the application level store lookup much closer to the reset of our conventions (ala App.ApplicationAdapter and App.ApplicationSerializer).

    This change also allows specifying a custom store when using non-global resolver (i.e. EAK/ember-cli). Previously, we were only looking for a property Store hung off of the application instance. Now you can have a module named (in the case of stock EAK setup): app/stores/application or app/application/store.js (pods structure).

    A deprecation warning was added, and the prior technique still works so this is not a breaking change (although I believe that we should remove before the prior lookup prior to 1.0).

    Resolution: Seems reasonable. Merge