Core Team Meeting Minutes - 2013/12/06

– By Trek Glowacki

Although most of our collaboration takes place on Github, IRC (#emberjs on, and our Discourse site the Ember.js Core Team meets privately every Friday at 2pm EST/11am PST through Google Hangout for a weekly discussion of all things Ember.

We want to ensure that our process and thinking is totally transparent to the Ember.js community so we're going to start publishing meeting notes here.

If you have a topic you'd like to see covered, contact your favorite core team member and let them know!


@ebryn, @krisselden, @machty, @stefanpenner, @tomdale, @trek, @wagenet, @wycats



We've heard a few comments that people would like greater Core Team transparency. Since the weekly meetings are the only significant group communication that isn't public, we'll be posting notes from these meetings.


  • @trek publish core team meeting notes
  • @trek post weekly reminders that the core team meeting occurs and invite people to contact individual core team members if they have issued they’d like raised.


@wycats says it’s ready to hand off to someone else.


  • @krisselden will come a bit early to the face to face to get mind-dumped. @machty is already familiar with writing Handlebars runtime compatible template languages from his work on Emblem.js so can also help get this over the last few hurdles.