Preview Weekend: 2019 Ember Community Survey

We are thrilled to announce that we will be adding to the spring excitement surrounding Ember Octane and EmberConf 2019 with the release of the fifth annual Ember Community Survey, and as always, we want your input before we go live!

This year we're making an effort to move much of the survey process to the ember-learn/annual-community-survey GitHub repo. Please review the the list of 2019 survey questions this before February 17th and submit feedback as an issues on that repo.

201 Created began this annual survey of the Ember community in 2015. Over the past four years, data from the survey has helped us measure progress on issues as wide ranging as diversity and browser support. In 2017, free text responses were permitted for the first time, giving community participants a way to provide feedback to the project and project leadership a new way to hear their voices. As 201 Created steps away, it is time to promote the annual survey to an official project of the Ember Learning Team. Thank you 201 Created team (and interns who worked on this) for our first four years!

In 2019 the Ember community is more vibrant than ever, with over 3000 members having joined the official Discord server (join via the Ember Community page) that launched last September. We're eager to hear how people are using Ember and what they plan for the future.

Here are the key dates for this year's survey:

  • 02/16 - 02/17 : Survey question feedback
  • 02/18 - 03/08 : Survey open to the public for responses
  • 03/19 : Results distributed in time for the EmberConf 2019 keynote!

Please join us in #dev-ember-learning on Discord if you have any questions or other feedback for this year's survey.

You can read last year's survey results here.

A big thank you to Code All Day for sponsoring Joseph Temple to work on this year's survey. You can learn more about Code All Day's Ember.js development and consulting services at their website