2018 Ember Community Survey

– By Akanksha Dharkar, Isaac Ezer, Matthew Beale

The last year has been a wonderful time to work with the web, and a thrilling one to be building applications with Ember.

  • Ember.js completed seven backward-compatible minor version releases in the last year: 2.12 through 2.18. Included were three Long-Term Support (LTS) releases. Version 2.18 was declared as an LTS and is the final release of the project's 2.x series.
  • Ember 3.0 and 3.1 beta versions also came into existence, marking the beginning of the 3.x series. 3.0 removes public API deprecated in Ember 2.x releases.
  • Ember FastBoot, a server-side rendering solution for Ember apps, reached 1.0.
  • The Glimmer VM, Ember's rendering system, also experienced a lot progress. This includes implementations of <Capital />-style component syntax, compiled binary byte-code, incremental rendering, and SSR with incremental rehydration. The October Glimmer Progress Report is a good place to look for details.
  • The Ember.js addon community grew from 3500 to almost 4500 publicly available addons!

With 2018 already under way, we would like your help to learn about who is in the Ember community and how they work with the framework. To that end, we're pleased to announce the official 2018 Ember Community Survey.

Survey Landing Page

This is our fourth year learning about the community's makeup and interests, and we're looking forward to sharing the results at EmberConf 2018 on March 13th. A vast number of people, nearly 1600 participants, took part in the survey in 2017 (2017 survey results)

Completing the survey should take about 11 minutes. We've shortened the survey compared to last year, and created opportunities for you to share feedback as free-form text. All submissions are completely anonymous, and demographic data about the community is not released in the same raw data files as the free-form text and other answers.

Submissions will be accepted until March 7th.

Please help us spread the word by sharing the survey landing page on your social network feeds, at meetups and around your office and other communities.

We look forward to your participation! If you have any immediate questions, feel free to email Akanksha Dharkar (@AkankshaKana) and the survey team via survey@201-created.com.